The Evolution of IBM Mainframe Integration

The launch of HostBridge in 2000 introduced integration capabilities that have significantly impacted the IBM mainframe, legacy application integration space.  The practice of integrating these legacy applications with middle-tier applications is not static, but has steadily evolved, as it continues to do.  During this evolutionary period, HostBridge has amassed a loyal base of customers who understand that HostBridge is about integrating large scale IBM mainframe applications with virtually anything off the mainframe.

Driven by the vision of enabling precision integration, the HostBridge team has continuously refined and expanded the solution’s capabilities as an alternative to integration techniques, such as screen-scraping, that have given mainframe applications a bad reputation. These  brittle integration attempts have produced widespread application “rigor mortis,” where developers are afraid to change applications because it would break the integration.

The HostBridge view is that z Systems applications can embrace the exact same technologies that are revolutionizing the development of mobile and cloud-based applications. HostBridge brings these technologies to the IBM mainframe platform that simply haven’t been there, but should be, enabling organizations to enrich their mobile and web applications using data held hostage to mainframe applications:

  • Without replicating the data in a separate database
  • Without screen-scraping
  • Without disrupting mainframe code
  • Using JavaScript

For almost two decades, enterprises have been using HostBridge to build fast, easy and architecturally sound integrations to legacy mainframe applications.  James Alexander, director of technical services for HostBridge Technology, shares three of the more recently evolved integrations that enterprises are currently building with HostBridge:

  1. Exposing CICS applications and data as web services.
  2. Dynamic, real-time “pushes” out of the host to other environments.
  3. Building new host applications using JavaScript.

Watch James discuss these uses for HostBridge in this short video:

To learn more about the integrations that HostBridge enables, or to evaluate HostBridge, please contact us.

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