Using Postman for Testing Web Services

When the HostBridge Service Test was developed about 8 years ago there weren’t many tools for testing web services quickly and easily. The tools that did exist were expensive.  Service Test let you test your services via a web page.  It formatted your XML output and fetched any associated debug output in a separate tab.  It also allowed you to save and share your tests with other developers.  It was easy to use and fulfilled our customer’s needs, but it has not aged well.

We’ve developed a new and better way to test web services using Postman, and I recently hosted an online training session to demonstrate this approach:

This new test capability is important, because our customers are now writing more sophisticated services that may send and receive data in XML/RPC, XML/SOAP, JSON, JSON/SWAGGER, HTML or some combination thereof.  They are writing RESTFUL services, which means they need to be able to send requests with various HTTP methods and headers.  Requests and responses have to be properly formatted.  Customers want to do all of this and still retain the features the Service Test tool provided, like fetching out of stream debug output and sharing tests.  And, of course, we understand that you’d like for it to be free.

Postman, a complete toolchain for API developers, is an excellent solution testing web services. Watch this video to learn how you can use Postman to do all of the testing previously done through the HostBridge Test Service, and more. If you have any questions about using Postman to test the CICS web services you create, please contact us.

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