We’re Here to Help

Anyone who has ever used or developed software knows that a software solution is only as good as the support that is behind it. We can all agree that we never want to have to contact technical support, but when we need it, we want that support to be available, responsive and highly competent.

As director of technical services for HostBridge, I get to talk to our customers on a regular basis. We collect data on how well we do in responding to their requests for support.  Over the past year, 51 of our customers took the time to provide feedback to us, and I wanted to share how we rated.  On a scale of one to five, where five is the highest satisfaction level, the HostBridge support team has an average rating of 4.8:

Sometimes, our customers leave comments for us, and here’s a sample of what they said:

  • Very quick response.
  • Team has responded so quickly and cleared our queries.
  • Great response time.
  • As always, I receive a very quick turn around on my issues.
  • Always great work. Thank you for the quick response.

You can detect a theme in these comments: we respond quickly when our customers ask for help. The mission-critical work our customers are using HostBridge for demands no less.

You can learn more about how we provide support by visiting the support page of our website.

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