JavaScript for CICS and System z Integration: What’s Changed?

In December 2010, I wrote an article that was published by Enterprise Systems Media called “JavaScript Tools for CICS/System z Integration: Top 10 Reasons.” Here’s a summary of those top 10 reasons:
Seven years is a lifetime in the technology world, and it is natural to wonder, are these reasons still relevant?  What has changed since 2010 with respect to using JavaScript for CICS application integration? Nothing. JavaScript is as relevant and useful as ever for integration.

HostBridge offers HB.js, the only JavaScript/JSON-based integration solution for CICS® applications and IBM z Systems™ data assets. HB.js is a development facility as well as a runtime engine, and it provides all the functionality that enterprises need to quickly and easily develop and deploy reusable Web services and/or scripts that:

  • Orchestrate CICS terminal-oriented transaction micro flows as single services
  • Orchestrate and aggregate transactions, programs (e.g., COMMAREA), and data into single composite services
  • Integrate anything mainframe with anything distributed – Web and mobile applications, cloud architectures, service-oriented architectures (SOAs), other enterprise applications, etc.
  • Create dynamic object-oriented applications that simplify and revitalize legacy applications for modern environments.
If there has been a change in this list of 10 reasons since 2010, it is that JavaScript has become far more mainstream as an integration solution for CICS. Our HB.js customers summarize the benefits of using JavaScript for integration with one word: agility, because it makes developing web services fast and easy as Scott Glenn recently wrote about in this blog.

There’s another benefit, shared with us by a HB.js customer: better collaboration between web services and mainframe teams, where historically there’s been a wall between these groups. HostBridge blends both worlds, facilitates collaboration.

If you’d like to learn more about using JavaScript for CICS integration or if you’d like to test it, please contact us.

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